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Green Cell brand was created from passion to mobility. Green Cell philosophy is led by a simple desire - to allow computers, smartphones, and other consumer electronics work without any interruption and at the same time to fulfill superior performance requirements. Thanks to the high standards of the brand it has gained a large customers credit and since 2013 it is growing rapidly and gradually increasing market share. The portfolio includes primarily products targeted to power up mobile devices. Specialization in Li-Ion technology indicates that brand covers about 97% of the models of batteries for laptops available on the European market and is constantly extending with complementary products to charge and accumulate electricity for consumer electronics. The mission of the brand is to sell products that satisfy customers and meet their growing expectations for quality and reliability. Join the Green Cell revolution and feel the power of Fresh Energy!

Fresh Energy in numbers

For nearly six years of our business activity more than 120,000 people trusted us. Every month we help thousands of customers. Every day sprouts with hundreds of closed deals.For those customers who like statistics we have prepared some highlights.

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Products of Green Cell brand


Apart from the main line of products focused around laptops we also have a wide range of Power Banks, special gel batteries, batteries for power tools and uninterruptible UPS power supplies.


Over 200 shops and laptop service companies work with us!

Become a distributor of Green Cell

Due to the dynamic development of the Green Cell brand we are looking for business partners interested in distribution of high quality Li-Ion products.
Our offer is adressed mainly to those who want to break defined patterns of energy and whom are characterized by modern approach on newest technologies and consumer electronics.

    Below you can see why distribution of Green Cell products really pays off:
  • We offer the highest quality of products made from selected components.
  • We provide full support before and after sales.
  • We offer 12 months of warranty on all products of our brand - 30 days RMA included.
  • Green Cell logo is well recognized benchmark in the consumer electronics market.
  • Green Cell brand continues to expand its range of new products.
  • We offer attractive conditions for the start of cooperation.


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